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Game Description

Gyaru Cutie Dress Up Game

Rika is a huge fan of the Japanese style Gyaru, which includes lots of girly and feminine styles. Her closet consists mostly of skirts, dresses, wigs, and the color pink. Once I tried sneaking a pair of jeans in there – it was for her benefit, I thought. Wearing skirts all of the time seems kind of uncomfortable, but everyone has their preference! She gave them to her best friend Sabrina, but I tried. Anyway, Rika would like your help in putting together a brand new Gyaru-inspired outfit. She doesn’t really care what you choose, but she would prefer the color pink in there! Actually, you don’t have a choice considering almost everything in her closet has the color pink anyway. Help Rika represent her personal style by choosing from her favorite pieces and helping her showcase why she loves Gyaru style so much. Also, if you convince her to try on a pair of tennis shoes and sweatpants I’ll give you 20 bucks!