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Dress Up Games for Girls
Princess and Puppy Dress Up Game Princess & Puppy girls User Rating (new) Dress Up Arin Game Arin girls User Rating (75%) Warm Autumn Dress Up Game Warm Autumn girls User Rating (84%) Pretty as Painting Dress Up Game Painting Pretty girls User Rating (80%) Dormitory Life Dress Up Game Dormitory Life girls, school User Rating (71%) Mall Shopping Dress Up Game Mall Shopping girls User Rating (88%)
Irene Spring Walk Dress Up and Make Up Game Irene Spring girls User Rating (85%) Modern Fairytale Dress Up Game Modern Fairytale girls User Rating (84%) Golf with Mom Dress Up Game Golf with Mom girls, moms User Rating (86%) Nathalee Pajamas Dress Up Game Nathalee girls User Rating (82%) Casual Days Dress Up Game Casual Days girls User Rating (84%) Blondie Dress Up Game Blondie girls User Rating (79%)
Spring Pixie Dress Up Game Spring Pixie girls User Rating (86%) Geek Chic Dress Up Game Geek Chic girls, school User Rating (87%) Spring Break Dress Up Game Spring Break girls User Rating (87%) A Trip to Paris Dress Up Game A Trip to Paris girls User Rating (86%) Going to Cinema Dress Up Game Going to Cinema girls User Rating (85%) Rainbow Summer Dress Up Game Rainbow Summer girls User Rating (80%)

Play dress up games featuring girls of all ages, doing various jobs and enjoying lots of different hobbies! In here you will find your basic, classic dress up game, where you can dress up a girl – or you can call her a model or a doll too – by choosing outfits from a wardrobe that ranges from pretty small to very, very big! In fact, I’ve found that the more clothes a dress-up game has, the more popular it is! So go on and take your pick, either go throught all the games or narrow your selection to games featuring babysitters, moms, shopping games, as well as other categories!