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Saree Dresses

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Game Description

Ethnic Route Saree Dresses Dress Up Game

Traditional Indian Saree dresses are unique, intricate, and handmade with lots of care. Ezra loves to wear her Saree dresses everywhere she goes, because she appreciates the amazing Indian culture and everything it has to offer! In this game you’ll see that Ezra has plenty of these traditional gowns to choose from, and many of them were handmade by her grandmother. That’s a pretty nice thing to have in your wardrobe, isn’t it? In this dress-up game, Ezra would like your help selecting a traditional Indian Saree to wear to her grandmother’s birthday party. She would like to display her love of the culture and her family with the outfit you choose, but she also wants it to express her personality too! Have fun helping Ezra dress up for her grandmother’s special day with the fun game.