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Hip Hop Dance

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Game Description

Dance Hip Hop Studio Game

This game is actually not a dress-up game but a dance game. But it does start with dressing up the dancer - and the dancing itself is optional! :)
There are many styles of dance, and each style has a different kind of fashion that it correlates with. Ballerinas usually wear tutus, slippers, and tights, for example. Acro dancers wear skintight leotards they can bend and flip around in. Hip hop dancers also have a distinct kind of style, one that displays attitude, creativity, and is comfortable at the same time. The dancer in this game wants your help putting together a hip hop dance outfit she can groove in (Groove is a cool word, right? No? Okay then!). You can choose from sneakers, sweatpants, and t-shirts that somehow look more formal than similar clothes most people wear around the house! These clothes have a glamorous aspect that takes them from typical to awesome. I personally didn’t realize how cool it was to wear sweatpants. Perhaps I should become a hip hop dancer too – what do you think?