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Celebrity Dress Up Games
Twyla Monster High Dress Up Game Twyla monster high User Rating (88%) Nerdy Barbie Dress Up Game Nerdy Barbie barbie User Rating (88%) Guitar Girl Rocks Dress Up Game Guitar Girl Rocks performers User Rating (74%) Madeline Hatter Legacy Day Dress Up Game Madeline Hatter ever after high User Rating (90%) Emma Watson Styling Dress Up Game Emma Watson celebrities User Rating (82%) Park Ride Barbie Dress Up Game Park Ride Barbie barbie User Rating (87%)
Ariel Today Dress Up Game Ariel Today characters User Rating (84%) Frozen Make Up Game Frozen Make Up characters User Rating (86%) Barbie Farmer Dress Up Game Barbie Farmer barbie User Rating (86%) Hipster Barbie Dress Up Game Hipster Barbie barbie User Rating (84%) Tango Dancer Dress Up Game Tango Dancer performers User Rating (87%) Barbie Monster High Star Dress Up Game Barbie Monster barbie User Rating (82%)
The Oscar Goes To Dress Up Game Oscar Goes To performers User Rating (87%) Oscar Party Dress Up Game Oscar Party performers User Rating (81%) Singing Auditions Dress Up Game Singing Auditions performers User Rating (81%) Snow White Now Today Dress Up Game Snow White Now characters User Rating (86%) Barbie Country Horse Dress Up Game Barbie Horse barbie User Rating (82%) Black Carpet Lagoona Blue Dress Up Game Lagoona Blue monster high User Rating (89%)

Here we have a diverse group of people and characters that have one thing in common. And that thing is that you have probably heard of them! This category of dress up games started with only actresses, pop stars and other real life Hollywood celebrities. But over time it has grown to include well known fictional characters from TV shows, books and other media. Categories get added and deleted from time to time, recent new categories are Barbie and  Monster High dress up games.