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Angel Cutie

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Game Description

Angel Cutie Maker Game

Some people have an angel sitting on their shoulder, telling them what to do in certain situations. This angel is always nice. It whispers sweet things like “You should clean your room today” and “Perhaps we should save the last slice of pie for our brother.” Thank goodness the angel in this game isn’t a shoulder sitting angel! Those things get annoying after a while. Who wants their shoulder to be a bench for an angel anyhow? They have wings after all and could certainly just fly instead. Lazy angels. In any case, in this game you get to create and dress up your very own non-shoulder sitting angel. Give her a name and imagine all her cute personality quirks as well! When you’re finished she can float among the clouds and do angel type things, and you can go ahead and enjoy the last slice of pie. Sounds good to me, what do you think?